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 12 Jannuary 2001

Qatar Provides USD $49 Million In Support Of The Doha Declaration

Imagine a world whereby the rule of law prevailed at all times. Well, that is what the UN's Doha Declaration is all about. As anyone can imagine, the UNODC (United Nations Office On Drug And Crime), being a body that focuses on creating a world free from crime as one of its primary agendas, is very keen to make the Doha Declaration a success.

In fact, UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, could not find enough words to commend Qatar after it signed a funding deal on 27th November 2015 in Vienna in support of the declaration. The deal will help take the Doha Declaration to the next level.

Actually, Qatar's move could not have come at a better time. A few weeks after the deal was signed, UNODC, on 3 February 2016, released the latest results on crime and terrorism from The Sahel. The region suffers from political instability, terrorism, and illegal trafficking. These are the very issues the Doha Declaration seeks to address; and Qatar, through its $49 million contribution to the program, will help keep such programs alive.

As the video shows below, the Western part of The Sahel has become a major transit hub for drugs

And the results from Sahel certainly show that this program has lots of potential. In the Sahel region, more than 5,700 entities have benefited directly from UNODC through this program. The program has been operating in the region beginning from early 2014. At the time, the strategy was to prevent terrorism, corruption, and improve the region's legal systems.

The Sahel Programme also helped in seizure of illegal drugs in Mali, securing a conviction for money laundering in Niger, facilitating information exchange between four regional countries, helping prevent terrorism in Chad among other programs that promote a safer world.

The Doha Declaration was signed in Doha, Qatar, on April 2015. So, it is only fitting that Qatar shows the greatest initiative in ensuring that the declaration becomes a success. Qatar's multi-million dollar contribution is expected to help sustain several programs over a period of four years.

When the November 15th Qatar deal was signed, the parties agreed that the money would go towards promoting judicial integrity, improving rehabilitation of criminals and helping integrating prisoners back into the society. The funding will also go towards anti-corruption measures and helping keep youth away from crime by promoting sports.

In general, support for the Doha Declaration means support for the Sustainable Development Goals. And UNODC's contribution to the effective use of Qatar's funding will be very significant - the international body already has a system in place consisting of professionals who will help better communities around the world by reducing crime at both the national and international stage.