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 12 Jannuary 2001

Panama Commemorates The International Anti-Corruption Day Through A Flash Mob At Albrook Mall

On December 9th, 2015, minutes to 4:00 PM to be precise, the inside of the Panama City's Albrook Mall didn't look anything unlike what you would expect of a regular mall – people were roaming about, eating, taking photos, talking, laughing, and generally having a great time.

But at 4:00, two ladies stepped forward with confident, knowing smiles on their faces; and just like that, a flash mob was in progress. It turns out that the entertaining display was meant mark the International Anti-Corruption Day.

As a matter of fact, the flash mob was organized by UNODC (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime), ARAC and ANTAI in association with the Albrook Mall and a Catholic-sponsored college.

The designated dancers mostly consisted of women, who danced to Justin Bieber's 2015 hit song, “Sorry”, a fitting tribute to the state in which corruption has left many countries economically and politically unstable.

Even past the middle of the performance, dancers were still lining up to execute the elegant choreographed dance moves with the end purpose being to bring awareness to transparency through information access as a way to prevent corruption.

A few random observers also tried to join in the dance. However, towards the end of the public performance, part of the performing group also joined in with placards that condemned and denounced corruption.

Observers also played their part – capturing the performance on their phones and cheering in the end in appreciation of the issue the flash mob was trying to put in the spotlight. At this point, it also became clear that several people had managed to receive the riveting anti-corruption message.

In the end, the message, “Break the Corruption Chain”, which the organizers hoped to pass along through the flash mob, was clearly put across.

Panama is a third world country, an economic category that implies that a country is likely to suffer a greater impact on security and rule of law due to corruption. Therefore, the organizers could not have chosen a better venue to have the flash mob if their message was to have the intended impact.