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Last Revised:
 12 Jannuary 2016

UNODC and Nutrisystem Can Unite In A Battle Against Addiction

The first thing I think of when I come across the acronym UNODC is the organization's role in the prevention of international crime and its role the much needed fight against illicit drugs. And putting that aside for a moment, when I think of Nutrisystem, it is usually for its role in delivering portion-controlled meals to the masses. For this reason, it has been far to easy for me to miss the connection between UNODC and Nutrisystem time and again.

But then it hit me: drug trafficking is sustained by addiction; and the same can be said of obesity. One other thing; obesity statistics are also just as shocking as drug statistics. In fact, this health epidemic is one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. And guess what the leading cause of obesity is. I'll save you the trouble; its food addiction. I only mention this as proof that UNODC and Nutrisystem are a lot more similar than a cursory look at their noble agendas might suggest.

Drug and Food Addiction Very Similar

In fact, I further discovered that the connection between obesity and drug addiction is far stronger than I imagined. Apparently, overeating is an addiction, and some foods have the same impact on your brain as drugs. It turns out that the brain rewards people for overeating, just as it does with drugs.

This means that with time, your brain's sensitivity to good food will go down, and you will end up having to chase this "high" by overeating. This is the vicious circle that also gets people addicted to drugs. The connection between food and drug addiction was also discussed by Nora, a physician with broad experience with both addicts and obese people, during her talk on TedMed, the medical version of TedTalk.

The UN's goal is to stop obesity in its tracks by 2025.

Specific addiction culprits are foods high in fats and sugars. And the seriousness of food addiction is not to be taken lightly. The US loses 300,000 people to obesity and its related health issues, making this chronic health issue the second leading cause of preventable death in the country. Globally, 4 million people die because they are obese, which is why the UN recently issued an alarming report about obesity, suggesting that Governments must act to reduce obesity and save lives.

There is one thing that makes the link between drug addiction and food addiction, the leading cause of obesity, very succinct – inability to control consumption behavior. Both food and drug addicts feel compelled to consume something that clearly puts their health at risk. I say compulsive because nobody likes being obese, ergo, nobody wants to eat their way into this health crisis. In the same way, many people try to quit drugs, but their urges keep getting in the way.

In the case of obesity, research shows that people will eat more food if they are offered a big portion. This is why Nutrisystem focuses on helping people learn portion control. With a Nutrisystem promo code obese people join a diet plan that meets the government standards for healthy eating. Again, research has shown that portion control is necessary when you are trying to lose weight and keep it off.

Actually, in the Scientific American journal, a study has been published revealing that most obese people would like to eat less. But shockingly, despite being aware of this fact, they find it impossible to resist the urge to eat excessively. Quite simply, the brain's reward system in these people overcomes their better judgment, which is why they will be aware of their overeating, do it anyway, and then get feelings of regret later on for their "irresponsible" behavior.

About Nutrisystem

Counting calories is the bane of many dieters. Nutrisystem takes care of this tedious chore for you so that you can focus on eating the foods you love instead. They will send the foods to you, and in the right portions. Beyond that, this organization will take into consideration how you need to mix various nutrients in your diet so that you remain satiated, healthy, and on the right path towards your weight loss goals.

And to help you fight the temptation to binge-eat, Nutrisystem also recommends eating six meals a day to help you avoid dangerous food obsessions. Nutrisystem also offers suggestions on foods you should eat as substitutes to less healthy popular alternatives. They include low-calorie pastries, lean proteins, high-fiber food, preservative-free foods, foods free from artificial sweeteners, flavoring, and color, as well as low-glycemic carbs to keep your blood sugar levels where they need to be.

In recommending the right portions for you, Nutrisystem can also take into consideration your BMI, which is why they will ask for your weight and height as you access their heavily discounted food plans. The outcome will be a healthier you and a reduced risk of succumbing to obesity because you will be relying on a safe and effective weight loss program.

The Connection Between Nutrisystem and UNODC

In addition to its role in prevention of drug trafficking and fighting of international crime, UNODC also offers grants for various initiatives. A good example is its current grant scheme in Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian prisons; where UNODC is part of a program on HIV/AIDS prevention and care among drug injecting users.

Obviously, nutrition is a big part of HIV/AIDS care. In fact, there is every reason to consider it the biggest aspect of HIV/AIDS management. Infected people need to care about their diets more than regular people. So, if UNODC was to go into partnership with Nutrisystem, an organization that has extensive knowledge and experience in helping people regain their health through proper diet, such programs could report higher success rates.

My Take

UNODC takes funds for both general purpose uses and for special-purpose projects. Some of the existing programs can already benefit from the unique contributions Nutrisystem can make, such as the prison HIV/AIDS care and management program mentioned above.

Furthermore, since UNODC is an international body that also spends money on research and development of new programs, there is nothing stopping it from working with an organization like Nutrisystem. Among other things, Nutrisystem helps fight food addiction, and this knowledge could certainly help UNODC's drug-addicted benefactors.

I am thinking Nutrisystem coupons could go a long way in making this partnership a raging success. After all, the parallels between the way food and drug addictions are manifested is now solid science. So, the approach needed to solve these twin global crises is bound to have many commonalities. Hence, from my view at least, UNODC and Nutrisystem would make great partners.

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